Update, remove, and add images to your catalog items in just a few steps.

IMPORTANT: These steps are for simple products (products without variants), that have the appropriate "Product Property" of "Product Images" configured. 


Product Catalog

Search for "Product Catalog". Select the link that is nested under "Sites and Stores". 


Modify Product

Click the hamburger icon next to the product you would like to edit. Click "Modify" to open your product card. 



Product Images

Click "Product Images" to open your file browser.



Select all images you would like to add to your product. 

IMPORTANT: images are displayed in alpha-numeric order in your online store. The first image will always show as the preview image for your product. 



Click "Save" to update your product. 

Note: After upload, your images will show in the product card. You can click the "+" icon to add more, or click the image stack to crop, edit, and remove images. 


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